Famous People from Marikina

Marikina is a city of more than 450,000, known for its shoe factories and as the gateway of Metro Manila to Rizal and Quezon provinces. It’s one of the Most Competitive Cities in the Philippines in rankings by the National Competitiveness Council. Let’s meet some of the famous people of Marikina:

Don Laureano Guevarra

guevara laureanoGuevarra, better known as Kapitan Moy, was the founder of the Marikina shoe industry, which has made the city “The Shoe Capital of the Philippines.” In 1887, when the soles of his own imported shoes broke, Guevarra worked tirelessly to fix them. He finally produced his first pair of shoes, and working with other local residents, he developed a method of making footwear and started an industry that has supported the Marikina zip code region ever since. His first workshop is now a national historic site.

Photo credit: WikiPilipinas

Watch a documentary of Don Laureano Guevarra below:

Marcelino Teodoro

teodoro marcelinoMarcelino Teodoro is the current mayor of Marikina, he was elected the 21st local chief executive in 2016. He was previously a member of the Philippine House of Representatives, where he championed education issues.

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Most Rev. Francisco M. de Leon

francisco m deleonThe new Auxiliary Bishop of Antipolo, he serves as the parish priest of the Our Lady of the Abandoned Church, built in the late 1600s by the Augustinian Order and still standing as one of Marikina’s oldest churches despite being destroyed twice by earthquakes and once by fire. It is the home of an image of the Virgin Mary that received a Papal seal from Pope Benedict XVI in October 2005.

Photo Credit: CBCP Website

Bayani Flores Fernando

bayani fernandoHe is a former mayor and vice presidential candidate, Fernando now serves as a congressman from Marikina City’s First District. His mayoralty was credited with transforming Marikina into one of the best-managed cities in the Philippines.

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Cristine Reyes

cristine reyesThe 27-year-old actress starred in the Filipino TV program Eva Fonda and also co-starred in the 2013 comedy film Bromance: My Brother’s Romance. Her sister, Ara Mina, also is a famous actress whose career spans more than two decades.

Photo credit: Philstar

Julia Barretto

julia barrettoThe 19-year-old actress is a rising star in Filipino entertainment. She was named one of Yes! Magazine’s 100 Most Beautiful Stars of 2013 and has starred in several television series.

Photo Credit: ABS-CBN News

Elise Estrada

elise estrada wikipediaThe 29-year-old pop singer and songwriter was born in Marikina and moved to Canada when she was 4. She toured with the rapper Nelly. She has won the hearts and minds of many in the music world, including her song Insatiable rising to No. 1 on the MediaBase Top 40 chart for four straight weeks in 2007.

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Best restaurants in Marikina City

Marikina is renowned for its main product – high quality, hand-made shoes. It is so well known for the quality of the shoes produced in the area that on its famous riverbanks stands an imposing structure of a shoe, which, for a time, was one of the city’s main attractions. People would flock to Marikina for a glimpse of the “giant shoe” and to have their photos taken with it as the backdrop.

Marikina is also home to the famous Riverbanks Center. During its heyday in the early to mid-2000s, it was known both as a shopping mecca and a hangout place for good food and good drinks. Frequented by families, yuppies needing a break, friends having a good time, or couples on a date, Riverbanks Center was THE place to be.  At present, it is a haven for sneakerheads and those with Imeldific tendencies, thanks to the many shoe outlet stores there.

Nowadays, people have more reason to flock to Marikina aside from purchasing shoes, seeing a giant shoe, or looking for an inexpensive shopping experience.  For a few years now, Marikina City has a burgeoning food scene that doesn’t show signs of fizzling out anytime soon. No longer just the best-kept secret among those lucky enough to have a Marikina zip code in their addresses, these places have gained quite a following even among those from down south and the far north, and other parts of the metro – and for good reason:

Café Lidia

cafe lidia marikina
Cafe Lidia

Café Lidia is comfort food heaven and has a special spot in the bellies of frugal foodies, because this place allows them to indulge in their favorites for only a fraction of the price they’d usually pay for at higher-end establishments. A generous serving of Gambas costs less than 300, a plate of seafood marinara pasta costs less than 200 pesos, while a plate of buffalo wings will set you back only 170 pesos. End your meal on a sweet note and have a slice of their Mudpie Madness or KitKat Choco Attack parfait, which cost less than 100 pesos apiece.

Photo Credits to Life is Fun blog

Tapsi Ni Vivian

Tapsi ni Vivian
Tapsi ni Vivian

Tapsi Ni Vivian is a no-frills place where you can get hearty silogs in generous portions at really affordable prices. And by generous, picture this: a heaping plate of sinangag, topped with a perfectly fried egg, and more than enough beef that’s perfectly seasoned and very tender. They also serve other Pinoy favorites, such as bulalo and sisig, but it’s their tapsi that you should never miss to order. Oh, and they’re open 24 hours a day, so you can get your tapsi fix whenever your craving hits.

Photo Credits to Tapsi Ni Vivian FB page

Luyong Restaurant

luyong restaurant marikina
Luyong Restaurant

Luyong has been serving chinoy (Chinese with a Filipino twist) dishes to Marikina locals since the 1950s. Serving Cantonese fare that Filipinos have grown to love, their menu includes lumpiang shanghai, lomi, yang chow fried rice, beef with oyster sauce, as well as pork sisig and crispy pata. Prices range from 150-200 for orders good for one to two persons, while family-sized orders go for less than 500 pesos per dish.

Photo Credits to Luyong Restaurants

Rustic Mornings by Isabelo

rustic mornings by isabello
Rustic Mornings by Isabello

This Instagram-worthy place is perfect for ladies who brunch and those who are looking for a cute, romantic date place. Enjoy the quaint, rural ambiance while you dine on classics, such as waffles and pancakes, served with hash browns (made from scratch, not the store-bought small rectangles fast food joints usually serve) and bacon. They put their own spin on the waffle and made them into waffle churros, and also serve a good gourmet hotdog sandwich. A hotdog that is filling and decidedly dense sits on top of soft buttered bun, smothered with a generous amount of chili con carne, and topped with a fried egg. Their three-egg omelettes are also worth ordering – three eggs, done fluffily and stuffed with meats or cheese or both, then served with ciabatta, homemade herbed butter, and fruit jam.  Filipino breakfast favorites, like tawilis served with garlic rice, are also available.

Prices may be a little on the steep side, but you’re not just paying for the food, you’re paying for the rustic experience. Totally worth every penny.

Photo Credits to Rustic Mornings by Isabello FB Page

Brad and Pit’s Ribshack

brad and pit ribshack marikina
Brad and Pit Ribshack Marikina

Located in Lilac Street, Marikina’s answer to Kapitolyo and Maginhawa, this place offers fall-off-the-bones ribs and Caribbean wings served with rice and sides for only 149 pesos per plate. If that’s not a steal, I don’t know what it is. The bold flavors and generous portions will definitely keep you coming back for more. Come for the food, stay for the ambiance – Latin music is regularly played, and you can feast your eyes on the vintage electronics displayed. No frills, just good food and a relaxed atmosphere.

Photo Credits to Geekend Galdiators

Burrito Brothers

burrito brothers marikina
Burrito brothers

If Kapitolyo has Silantro and Makati has El Chupacabra and Chihuahua, Marikina has Burrito Brothers. Their specialty is burrito – available in beef and chicken – but they also serve a mean chili con carne with nacho chips, as well as a decadent cheesedog wrap. The al fresco ambiance may be bothersome for those used to airconditioning, but come in the evening and you’ll have a pleasant dining experience. Come in casual garb and be ready to eat with your hands.

Photo Credits to Chadsenga

Casa Feliz

casa feliz marikina
Casa Feliz Marikina

Good cakes and desserts can not only be found in the patisseries and coffee shops in upscale addresses – Marikina’s Casa Feliz is an institution, serving pastries and desserts even before we even knew what third wave meant. Touted as the “home of sweet memories,” you’ll find very good versions of pistachio sans rival and red velvet cake here. They also serve hefty, homey main dishes, so yes, it’s okay to come hungry.

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Marikina Zip Codes

Below are the list of zip code in Marikina:

LocationZIP Code
Bagong Nayon1820
Conception 11807
Conception 21811
Industrial Valley1802
J de la Pena1804
Marikina CPO1800
Marikina Heights1810
North/West of Marikina River1806
San Roque-Calumpang1801

Did you know that Marikina was the capital of the Province of Manila from 1898 to 1899? Marikina City or Lungsod ng Marikina. According to Marikina website’s statistics, It is subdivided into 16 barangays and have 2 districts. It’s primary industry is Shoemaking.

Marikina was given the title the “Shoe Capital of the Philippines” because of its notable shoe industry. Shoemakers in the city recently finished creating the World’s Largest Pair of Shoes and it was only recently that the Guinness World Records recognized this feat. The Shoe Museum located in the city is the home of the famous shoe collection of the former First Lady Imelda Marcos, shoes of the world leaders, past presidents, famous celebrities and persons, shoes of different countries around the world etc., and contains the largest collection of pair of shoes in the world.

old marikina river picture
Photo courtesy of “Make it Marikina” FB page

Trivia from Kuya Kim Atienza’s Twitter:


“marikina, home of worlds largest shoe is a south american word meaning “marmoset” or small monkey.”

If you’re looking for Marikina City Zip Codes especially in Brgy. Parang, Fortune, Barangka, Sta. Elena, and Tumana then you are on the right site.

other trivias about Philippine zip code:

  1. Three out of the top four universities in Metro Manila have their own ZIP codes:

ADMU – 0917
DLSU – 0922
UP – 1101

2. The Philippines has a four-digit number code.

In Metro Manila, it represents the barangay within a city or city district where a mail or package is to be sent.

3. The municipality of Pateros only has three ZIP codes, despite having 10 barangays:

Aguho = 1620
Sta. Ana = 1621
San Roque = 1622

4. These are the most expensive ZIP codes in Metro Manila for house and lot homebuyers:

Real estate properties can cost as much as a cool half a billion pesos.

Dasmariñas Village = 1221 and 1222
Forbes Park = 1219 and 1220
Urdaneta Village = 1225
Ayala Alabang Village = 1780


If you want to know more about Marikina, please watch this video below: