Manila Zip Code

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Here’s is what you’re looking and kindly please check the list of Manila city zip code below:

LocationZIP Code
Manila CPO - Ermita1000
Port Area (South)1018
Sampaloc East1008
Sampaloc West1015
San Andres Bukid1017
San Miguel1005
San Nicolas1010
Sta. Ana1009
Sta. Cruz North1014
Sta. Cruz South1003
Sta. Mesa1016
Tondo North1013
Tondo South1012

Manila government logo seal

Manila, the capital of the Republic of Philippines. It’s famous historical landmarks are Fort Santiago, Manila Bay, Quiapo Church, and Seat of the head of the Government of the Philippines since Spanish times MalacaƱang. If you want to know more of these historical landmarks in Manila, please visit their government site here.

Last time, me and my partner was able to tour in Luneta Park. Rizal Park, also known as Luneta National Park or simply Luneta, is a historical urban park in the Philippines. It is budget and family-friendly and a pleasant area for a family picnic. One of the things I enjoyed is watching the “Luneta Park Dancing Fountain”. Please watch the video below:

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